Frequently Asked Questions About VCI1. What is the difference between “Shelf Life” vs. “in-service life”?The Shelf Life is the duration of time that unused VCI Products can be stored prior to use without losing their effectiveness. The in-service

Frequently Asked Questions About VCI2. What is the shelf life of VCI Products?Most VCI Products have a shelf life of up to two years when the Product is stored in an external bag or box, out of direct sunlight and under shelter.Rust Prevention,

What is VCI | Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor | How does VCI Work | How Does VCI Packaging Prevents Rust | How Can I use VCI Packaging | What is the Shelf Life of VCI Package | BENZ Packaging SolutionsANTICORROSION PROPATECH VCIVolatile Corrosion

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