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At BENZ Packaging solutions, We understand how important it is for you to get your logo or details printed on bags as an economical and eco-friendly way to promote the brand. Therefore, to meet your needs we provide customized printing on the followi

Q. Does VCI get affected by Hot or Cold Temperatures? Significantly, cold temperatures do not affect the performance of BENZ VCI Paper, whereas extreme high temperatures can accelerate the loss of Corrosion Inhibitors over time. Proper Sealing of the

How to pack Small Quantity of metal parts in box?Our experts recommend that small quantity of parts in box may simply line the box with a BENZ Poly VCI Bag. When packing is completed, bag must be closed & sealed to immediately contain VCI vapors in

Are Rust and Corrosion creating problems like customer-retention for your company? Can you tell the cause of the Corrosion? Is it Shipping? Is it Storage?BENZ Packaging has just the right solutions to your Corrosion and Rust Problems once and for a

Q. What are nitrites? It’s uses & Are they Hazardous in VCI Packaging? In VCI, Nitrites are used in form of sodium nitrite which has been used as a food preservative for more than 100 years. It has been approved as a food additive since two-thirds of

Q. Does VCI effect plastics, rubbers, wood or other non-metallic surfaces?BENZ Packaging has never been contacted regarding an issue with VCI compatibility to Non-Metallic Surfaces such as Plastics, Rubbers or Wood. However, since there are so many

Q. Is airtight packaging required for a VCI product to work?Airtight Packaging is not necessarily required for a VCI Product to work, however the VCIVapours must be enclosed in some way. For example, Parts which are placedonto an Interleaving She

RUST is responsible for ruining millions of dollars in Metal Parts each year. If you are facing same issue, we at BENZ Packaging have just the Right Solution to your problem. At BENZ Packaging Solutions, we always aim to offer the best technolog

Q.) Whether to Opt for one method or Combine Multiple Packaging Products?Metals have unique characteristics as they come in different sizes, shapes and weights. And also require different forms of protection from Rust & Corrosion, which is why we a

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