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VCI Paper

vcipaperThe anti-corrosive PROPATECH VCI papers have been successfully used for many years to protect metallic items from corrosion during transport and storage. The volatile moleculesthat impregnate the PROPATECH VCI papers are deposited on the metallic surfaces, forming a complex capable of cancelling the attacks of many environmental pollutants, thus protecting from corrosion.

vcipaper1The PROPATECH VCI anti-corrosive papers have several applications and are particularlysuitable for being used as intersecting layers between the products, such as a VCI reserve tank combined with other PROPATECH VCI products or to line crates.
Main applications:
CKD, metallic automobile components (motor systems, transmissions, gear boxes, brake pads, etc…), steel reels, whole machines, all types of metallic items.

The volatile PROPATECH VCI molecules sublime from both sides of the paper. This is why the double-sided papers are particularly suitable for performing an intersection role between two layers of product to be protected. They can also be used in packages with PROPATECH VCI FILM, in order to extend the effectiveness and duration.
Double-Sided Crepe Paper
In addition to the features of the traditional double-sided papers, there is the elasticity and the extendibility of the crepe paper. These papers are particularly suitable for packaging heavy-duty industrial products. 
The PROPATECH VCI poly-coated papers are made by applying a layer of polyethylene onto the paper base. The polyethylene performs the double function of a barrier against the external atmospheric agents, and it releases the active substance exclusively within the packaging, preventing the dispersion towards the exterior.

ploycoatedPoly-Coated Crepe
In addition to the traditional poly-coated papers features, there is the elasticity and extendibility of the crepe paper. These papers are particularly suitable for packaging heavy-duty industrial products.

ploycoated1Combined Poly-Coated
The PROPATECH VCI poly-coated papers can be combined with other materials such as fabric or plastic netting. The POLRETE VCI anti-corrosive paper combines the anti-corrosive protection of the paper to the strength of the netting and to the water-proof capacity of polyethylene.

The PROPATECH VCI papers are available in roll, sheet or bag format. Consult our sales representative to find out about our standard formats available in stock.

PROPATECH VCI PAPERS are certified according to TRGS 615 standard.


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