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Protective Packaging - Protection Sublimates

Propatech VCI
 - Developed day after day in our research laboratories, which are the world’s most advanced in the field of metal protection against corrosion.

Propatech VCI system is the safest and the most convenient method for protecting metal products against damages caused by corrosion, during shipping & storage.

Propatech VCI Papers, introduced in the early 1980’s have been joined over time by many other products, i.e. polymeric films, diffusers, foams etc., satisfying the ever-changing needs of increasingly demanding customers.

Today Propatech VCI is the anticorrosion system preferred by a majority of manufacturing industries worldwide.


vcifilm1VCI Film

The products of the PROPATECH VCI FILM range are made by introducing the PROPATECH VCI additive into the still melted material during the film coextrusion phase. The additive is then able to sublime from the plastic, guaranteeing protection from the corrosion of the packed metallic details.

The PROPATECH VCI FILM products are an easy, practical and economical solution adopted by the main automobile manufacturers, steelmakers and metallurgical companies worldwide, to prevent damage caused by corrosion.

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The anti-corrosive PROPATECH VCI papers have been successfully used for many years to protect metallic items from corrosion during transport and storage. The volatile moleculesthat impregnate the PROPATECH VCI papers are deposited on the metallic surfaces, forming a complex capable of cancelling the attacks of many environmental pollutants, thus protecting from corrosion.

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PROPATECH desiccant bags represent the most successful and safe solution to reduce the humidity level inside your packaging. Thanks to its absorption capacity, PROPATECH reduces the dew point inside the package allowing to protect the product qualities and properties against humidity attack.

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aluminium barrier

BENZ Aluminum Barrier Foil Bag is a multilayered product obtained from laminating 3 or 4 technical materials supplying a very powerful barrier against water vapour and moisture. These multiple layers are of Polyester, Nylon, Foil and Polyethylene which when combined are strong enough to safeguard and create a puncture & moisture resistance package.

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