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Desiccants & Emitters

emiddentPROPATECH desiccant bags represent the most successful and safe solution to reduce the humidity level inside your packaging. Thanks to its absorption capacity, PROPATECH reduces the dew point inside the package allowing to protect the product qualities and properties against humidity attack.

PROPATECH bags allow to transport and stock safely your products for a long time.

PROPATECH bags are made by a natural mineral material which makes them a safe,

environmentally friendly product. Furthermore Propagroup carefully selects its clays and textiles to guarantee top quality in terms of resistance and high absorption level.

emitent1PROPATECH range can be supplied in bags, chains or panels according to FDA standard

On request it is possible to have a humidity indicator on the bag to show the exhaustion of the clay inside it.

the desiccant unit defines the quantity of drying material that absorbs a minimum quantity of 6,0 g of water vapour, at an air temperature of 23�2 �C and a Relative Humidity of 40%.

Main applications:

  • Industrial packaging
  • Electronic equipment
  • Food packaging
  • Medical devices
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Optical instruments

PROPATECH VCI NOXY is a mobile VCI integrator containing mini PROPATECH VCI
Thanks to its special spring-system, patented by Propagroup, the VCI molecules are quickly and constantly spread within your packaging throughout your product’s entire voyage, also managing to reach hidden points, which are normally difficult to protect.

The PROPATECH VCI NOXY activated several hours prior to the departure. As soon as it is activated the VCI protective molecules will begin to be diffused until the environment is saturated. PROPATECH VCI
will remain active until it reaches its destination and, every time the transport vehicle moves, it will emit a new active protective substance.
These features make it especially suitable for integrating and enhancing the anti-corrosive action of the PROPATECH VCIproducts, especially in bulk packaging intended for long distances, also in critical climatic conditions. PROPATECH VCI NOXY provides incomparable, intense and long-lasting protection.


PROPATECH VCI NOXY can be activated and deactivated several times: making it economical, as well as effective.




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