VCI Paper | VCI Reinforced Paper | VCI HDPE Paper | VCI Ferrous Protection Paper | VCI Non Ferrous Paper | VCI Multimetal Paper | VCI Universal Grade Paper | VCI Protection | Rust Protection | VCI Poly coated Paper BENZ Packaging manufactures VCI Paper in Joint Venture with Propagroup Italy. The Volatile Molecules that Impregnate the VCI Papers are deposited on the metallic surfaces, forming a complex capable of cancelling the attacks of many environmental pollutants, thus Protecting from Corrosion. BENZ Packaging Manufactures VCI Paper is many varieties which includes VCI Paper for Ferrous Metals and VCI Paper for Multi Metals. The Volatile PROPATECH VCI Molecules sublime from both Sides of the Paper. This is why the double-sided Papers are particularly suitable for performing an intersection role between two layers of product to be protected. BENZ Packaging have Five Plants across India and Several Warehouses for Just in Time Supplies and Immediate Deliveries. For any Product Packaging Query, Contact Us Today. For More Information, please visit our website; Or write us at;