VCI Film, VCI Bags, VCI Paper, Anti Corrosion Packaging, Desiccants. Rust Protection, Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor in Delhi NCR Corrosion Protection with BENZ Packaging VCI Films. Protect your Products, whether large or small, with VCI Film Bags. Various VCI Bag formats can be used, depending on the size of your product: Just put your individual, small and spare parts in one of the following items: VCI Flat Bags VCI Flat Bags with Ziplock, or VCI Perforated Bags on a Roll For covering or packaging larger products such as motors, you can use one of the following items: VCI Side Gusset Bags VCI Perforated Side Gusset Bags on a Roll VCI 3D Bags with LID or Without Lid VCI Shroud Bags For More Information