VCI Film Manufacturer | VCI Film | VCI Film Bags | VCI Poly | VCI Poly Bags | Rust Prevention | Gurgaon | Pune | Chennai | Indore | Jamshedpur BENZ Packaging is the leading Manufacturer of three-layer coextruded film which is also the main feature of BENZ Packaging VCI Film. The coextrusion guarantees increased mechanical resistance and a single-directionality of the VCI molecules. BENZ Packaging also Manufacturers Corrosion Inhibitor VCI Film, VCI Film Bags, VCI 3D Poly Bags, VCI Sheets and Liners and other allied products. BENZ Packaging have Five Plants across India and Several Warehouses for Just in Time Supplies and Immediate Deliveries. For any Product Packaging Query, Contact Us Today. For More Information, please visit our website; Or write us at;