Q. Why are ESD bags/pouches necessary? Anti-Static Bags released by BENZ Packaging are a low-cost method of protecting your Electronic Devices. These ESD Bags are produced with Sufficient thickness, are Physically Protective and Puncture-Resistant. Anti-static packaging is very essential for the well-being of your Electronic Devices and also for people around you. Few of the major features of ESD Bags by BENZ Packaging Solutions are as follows:- • Prevent static electricity effectively to protect electronic products. • Non-reactive with polycarbonate, • Intensitive to moisture, • Non corrosive, • Non-irritating • Heat stable. • Translucent High quality PET material • Non-toxic • No extraneous odour. • Cheap and very effective • Low density Polyethylene impregnated with antistatic property. • Surface resistivity 1x10^9 ohms. • Prevent build-up of static charge • Protect components from ESD damages.