Q. What are nitrites? It’s uses & Are they Hazardous in VCI Packaging?

In VCI, Nitrites are used in form of sodium nitrite which has been used as a food preservative for more than 100 years. It has been approved as a food additive since two-thirds of a century. In fact, over 85% of the sodium nitrite in our body is generated by our own body. In order to engross the MSDS reported hazardous dosage of sodium nitrite, for a normal VCI at 1.0 g/sq. ft. a person will have to EAT all sodium nitrite present in 31 sq. ft. of VCI treated paper. Not only does a person not ingest VCI paper, but infrequently comes into contact with it, given the fact that workers must wear gloves to avoid the acidity give off on the metal surfaces by our fingerprints.

Similar to any ordinary household chemicals, sodium nitrite is not without risk. It simply must be handled in the same manner as any other ordinary chemicals as household bleach, windshield washer fluid, floor wax, and etc. None of these components would be considered as “hazardous” for normal usage; however, sodium nitrite is often marked off as if it is. While sodium nitrite in VCI Paper must not be construed in the same light as of food preservative, it is not the lethal rival that some make it out to be. It is used in the VCI industry because it is an superb inhibitor of rust, especially for steel products. BENZ Packaging manufactures a wide range of VCI products, with and without sodium nitrite.

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