Q. How does VCI work? Corrosion begins with the presence of an Electrolyte (Water, Oxygen, Humidity) on the surface of a Metal. When this happens, post that the Electrons of Metal flow from high-energy areas to low energy areas in a loop, through the Electrolyte. The Corrosion process results in the formation of Oxidation on the surface of Metal. BENZ Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor retards this reaction & passivates the surface, inhibits or depresses the Electro-chemical mechanism that triggers Oxidation, i.e. the current flow from anode to cathode. Electrical current attempts to flow from the anode through Electrolyte into the cathode but fails due to the presence of BENZ VCI. VCI Molecules attach themselves to a metal surface to form an invisible, fine film, possibly only a few molecules and even one molecule thick, to protect metal from attack. BENZ VCI products if used as per our expert’s recommendation, can work for several years to prevent corrosion from occurring on the metal surface.