How does our Vacuum Barrier film work? Vacuum Barrier film by BENZ Packaging works on the principle of Climatic Packaging. The Barrier Foil ensure that Moisture doesn’t enter inside the Packaging. To ensure that outside Atmospheric moisture is not able to reach the Metallic Surface in the Packaging it is sealed properly. Moreover, the Climate inside the Packaging is Vaccumized so as to reduce the Quantum of Moisture and the Air. Additional Moisture Absorbers and VCI materials are added to attain relative Humidity less than 40% and Corrosion Protection respectively. It is a Multilayered product and it is obtained thanks to coupling by Laminating 3 or 4 technical materials that provide a High Barrier to Water Vapor and Moisture. These multiple layers are of Polyester, Nylon, Foil and Polyethylene which when combined are strong enough to Safeguard and create a Puncture & Moisture Resistance Package.