Frequently Asked Questions About VCI Q. CAN YOUR VCI BAGS BE REUSED? Yes, if the bags are still in good condition without holes or tears. Bags that have an excessive number of holes or tears, have large holes or tears, or have begun to crack or lose strength due to excessive exposure to direct sunlight will not provide adequate Corrosion Protection and should not be reused. Q. WHAT IF I HAVE A RIP IN MY VCI BAG? WHAT SHOULD I DO? If the rip is small, you can cover the rip or hole with a High Quality piece of Tape that is designed to adhere to “low energy” surfaces like Polyethylene. Or, you can fold over and staple the area shut and then seal over the holes made by the staples with the recommended tape. If you have a large rip that you cannot close easily with tape or staples, you should replace the bag with a new one. The best seal is always a “heat seal”.