Desiccants | Clay Desiccants | Bentonite Clay | Calcium Chloride Desiccants | Container Desiccants | Inbox Desiccants | Moisture Absorbers | BENZ Packaging | Manufacturer When it is essential to prevent the circulation of Moisture, BENZ Packaging Desiccant Bags and Silicagel represent the most practical and flexible Solution, since they are capable of Absorbing and Neutralizing the Humidity present in a Package or Container. Our Product PROPASEC Desiccant Bags & C DRY Desiccant Bags represent the most successful and Safe Solution to reduce the Humidity Level inside your Packaging. Thanks to its absorption capacity, our Desiccants reduces the Dew Point inside the Package allowing to Protect the Product qualities and properties against Humidity attack. BENZ Packaging have Five Plants across India and Several Warehouses for Just in Time Supplies and Immediate Deliveries. For any Product Packaging Query, Contact Us Today. For More Information, please visit our website; Or write us at;