Choose the Right Paper for your Metal, with BENZ Packaging Solutions (P) Ltd.

Different types of VCI Papers are specifically manufactured to provide the best rust protection for each particular metal. There are VCI papers designed specifically for different types of metal, and for a length of time to be protected. There are immense variations in metal composition and one VCI paper cannot meet all metal protection needs for every metal.

For example,

·         VCI Paper for ferrous metals is intended to protect steel parts and wires, die casting, springs, bearings, and stampings.

·         VCI Paper for non-ferrous metals is meant to protect non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze and other alloys.

·         VCI Multi-Metal Papers prevent corrosion on metal parts that are composed of several different ferrous and non-ferrous metals and multi-metal products like zinc, aluminum alloys, copper alloys.

·         Multi-Metal VCI Papers will also prevent galvanic corrosion on parts with dissimilar metal components such as circuit boards.