1. Production, Inspection, and Packaging Personnel should always wear gloves while handling metal castings because contaminants and acids present on human hands can cause and promote Corrosion and Rust on Metal parts. 

2. Be sure that metal parts do not come in direct contact with Wooden pallets, Corrugated boxes, or untreated paper at any time during Production, Storage or Shipment. 

3. Keep Metal parts away from Industrial air contaminants such as exhaust from lift trucks, manufacturing and heat treat areas because they are Corrosive to metal castings. 

4. Metal parts must remain covered with VCI Paper or VCI Poly throughout the entire manufacturing process. 

5. Keep temperature in manufacturing and Shipping areas constant and as low as possible. High temperatures and temperature fluctuations will promote and accelerate Rust and Corrosion on metal parts. 

6. If you have a machining operation, and if you are using water-based metalworking fluids, be sure to use deionized or distilled water-not city water. 

7. Metal parts must be clean, dry, and free of fingerprints before packaging. Do not stack metal parts on top of each other unless they are completely dry. 

8. Package metal parts immediately in a BENZ Packaging VCI Poly Bag or BENZ Packaging VCI Paper to prevent rust and corrosion. 

9. Use a combination of VCI Paper and a VCI Bag for complete corrosion and rust protection. 

10.Keep the VCI Bag open until the metal parts inside reach ambient air temperature. 

11. When your metal parts arrive at your customer’s facility, instruct your customer to keep the VCI Bag closed until the metal parts reach ambient air temperature. 

12. Consult with a Corrosion Specialist such as BENZ Packaging, to insure that you are using a VCI product that is designed to protect the type of metal parts you are producing. 

BENZ Packaging VCI products are formulated specifically for corrosion prevention for all types of metals. Also, be sure that these products are being used and applied properly for your exact application. BENZ Packaging provides FREE corrosion consultations, and we offer a Rust Prevention Guarantee!